Turkesterone, a complete guide

Turkesterone, a complete guide

The bodybuilding community is buzzing about Turkesterone, many are reporting accelerated muscle growth minus any negative side effects. This post will bring you the complete run down of all things Turkesterone, what it does, how it works and how to take it. Let’s get into it!

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone belongs to a group of hormones that appear in plants and arthropods, called ecdyesteroids. Ecdysteroids are found, albeit in low quantities, in foods like spinach, quinoa and yams. Turkesterone is extracted from the plant Ajuga Turkestanica, which is native to Central Asia.

How does Turkesterone work?

It is thought that ecdysteroids like Turkesterone work by improving protein synthesis in the body, leading to the body having more access to nitrogen stores, and therefore preventing breakdown of muscle tissue (1). Studies suggest that it optimises the mRNA translation process (2) and promotes leucine uptake in muscle cells (3). Turkesterone provides muscle building effects, without binding to androgen receptors, so it causes no increase to testosterone.

What are the benefits of Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is thought to have many benefits, some of its major benefits are that it may help to build lean muscle mass, improve recovery and increase strength. It’s also completely natural, being derived from a plant source. Turkesterone may also have adaptogenic properties, helping with mental burnout and stress. There’s also no need to use a PCT with Turkesterone, as it doesn’t affect testosterone levels.

How do you use Turkesterone? 

The average dose of Turkesterone comes in at 500mg per day, but it has been known for some to take twice this dose. At Shapeshifter Nutrition, we have options ranging from 250mg per capsule up to 500mg per capsule. Many suggest taking Turkesterone on an 8-12 week cycle, but you can technically use it indefinitely as it doesn’t require a PCT. You should take Turkesterone with food, before exercise.

Where can I get Turkesterone?

Here at Shapeshifter Nutrition, we have a few Turkesterone products to offer, check these out below. They sell fast, so be sure to get some while you can. If you want to browse more muscle builders, check out Project X and War Torn Labz.

Have you tried Turkesterone? Let us know what you thought, leave a comment below.

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