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Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery


Prepare to revolutionize your workout recovery and performance with Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery.

If you’re looking for optimal hydration, improved endurance, and accelerated post-workout recovery, this advanced formula is your essential tool to unlock peak performance.

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery

Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery is a premium hydration supplement formulated to support optimal post-workout recovery and replenish electrolytes lost during intense exercise. This advanced formula combines a synergistic blend of electrolytes, hydration-enhancing ingredients, and patented complexes to help you recover faster, perform better, and stay hydrated throughout your training sessions.

Why Choose Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery?

  • Optimal Hydration: Replenish electrolytes lost during physical activity with a blend of hydrating ingredients, ensuring your body stays adequately hydrated for peak performance.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Support post-workout recovery by replenishing essential nutrients and promoting muscle repair, allowing you to bounce back quickly and effectively from intense exercise sessions.
  • Muscle Function: Benefit from taurine, an amino acid that supports muscle function and endurance, helping you perform at your best during workouts and recover more efficiently afterward.
  • Fructooligosaccharides for Gut Health: Promote gut health with fructooligosaccharides, prebiotic fibers that nourish beneficial gut bacteria, supporting digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Natural Hydration: Harness the hydrating properties of coconut water powder, a natural source of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium, to replenish fluids lost during exercise and maintain hydration levels.
  • Mineral Replenishment: Replenish essential minerals with Himalayan pink salt and Aquamin, rich in trace minerals that support hydration, muscle function, and overall well-being.
  • Antioxidant Support: Enjoy antioxidant support with Spectra, a blend of fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts that combat oxidative stress, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • AstraGin for Nutrient Absorption: A blend of astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng extracts that enhances the bioavailability of nutrients, ensuring you get the most out of every ingredient.

Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery is ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone leading an active lifestyle looking to optimize their post-workout recovery and hydration strategy. Whether you’re engaged in high-intensity training, endurance sports, or simply need to replenish electrolytes after sweating, this advanced formula provides the essential hydration support your body needs to perform at its best.

Serving Size:  1 Scoop (6.69 g) – Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredient Amount Per Serving %DV
Taurine 2000 mg **
Fructooligosaccharides 1000 mg **
Coconut Water Powder 1000 mg **
Himalayan Pink Salt 500 mg **
Aquamin TG Sea Minerals 500 g **
Spectra 100 mg **
AstraGin 50 mg **

Other Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavour, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame K.

How to use Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery:

  1. Mix 1 scoop (6.69 g) with 230ml – 280ml of water.
  2. Consume during or after your workout to enhance hydration and support recovery.
  3. Adjust the liquid-to-scoop ratio to match your taste preference.
  4. Stay well-hydrated throughout your workout and recovery process for optimal results.

Apollon Nutrition Hydration & Recovery Ingredients:

  • Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid with antioxidant properties that supports hydration by regulating fluid balance within cells. It also helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue post-exercise, promoting faster recovery and improved performance.
  • Fructooligosaccharides: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are prebiotic fibers that support gut health and digestion. They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, enhancing nutrient absorption and reducing gastrointestinal discomfort during intense exercise.
  • Coconut Water Powder: Coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and magnesium, making it an excellent hydration source. It replenishes electrolytes lost through sweat, helps maintain fluid balance, and supports overall hydration and recovery.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Himalayan pink salt is a mineral-rich salt containing essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It helps replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, supports hydration, and aids in muscle function and recovery.
  • Aquamin TG Sea Minerals: Aquamin TG is a marine-derived multi-mineral complex sourced from pristine seawater. It provides a broad spectrum of essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, to support hydration, bone health, and muscle function.
  • Spectra: Spectra is a patented blend of fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts rich in antioxidants. It helps combat oxidative stress caused by intense exercise, reduces inflammation, and supports overall health and well-being.
  • AstraGin: AstraGin is a proprietary blend of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus extracts that enhances nutrient absorption and bioavailability. It promotes the uptake of electrolytes and other key nutrients, ensuring maximum hydration and recovery benefits.

Allergen Information:

Suitable for most dietary preferences and restrictions. However, if you have known allergies or specific dietary concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating this product into your fitness routine. Produced in a facility which processes products containing nuts, milk, gluten, egg, soya, shell fish and peanuts.


  • Stick to the recommended serving size, and avoid exceeding it.
  • Intended for individuals aged 18 and older.
  • Discontinue use and seek advice from a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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