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ATP Science Mallow Bars (12 Bars) ATP Science Mallow Bars (12 Bars)
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Brand: ATP Science Model: ATP Science Mallow Bars 12 Bars
Product DescriptionNoway Mallow Bars are Soft and fluffy with a chocolate chunk centre…just like a puppy really, but they taste wayyyyy better. If you want the normal blurb…just scroll down to the bottom. If however, you want the “Fun facts” then read the FAQs directly below.Here are some commonly a..
Brand: Scitec Nutrition Model: Proteinissimo Bar
Scitec Nutrition Proteinissimo Bar (24 bars)Time of the dry, tasteless protein bars is over. Proteinissimo Prime brings new light to the world of protein chocolate bars. You do not need to compromise between high protein content and delicious creamy flavour when you would like to eat a protein bar. ..
Brand: Fulfill Model: Fulfil Bars
Fulfil BarsGreat TastingHigh in VitaminsHigh Protein ContentVarious FlavoursLow CaloriesFulfil Vitamin & Protein Bar is a high quality, great tasting protein bar that has been filled with nutrients and vitamins to help maintain a healthy body.This product contains 20g of protein per serving..
Brand: Grenade Model: Carb killa
Grenade Carb Killa Bars• Tasty high protein low carb snack.• 23g of Protein per bar• Contains 6.7g of Dietary Fibre per serving12 Bars per boxGrenade have invented an enhanced baking process to creat a softer crunchier protein bar. The result is Carb Kill which is high in Protein, loaded with fibre ..
Brand: Barbells Model: Barbells Protein Bars
Barbells Protein BarsBarebells Functional Foods believe in eating happy and living healthy! They have created a range of products that you already love, but with fewer carbs. Itis that simple.1 box = 12 Bars..
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